Newly-married woman burns hubby alive in Tamilnadu

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Chennai: Barely 20 days into their marriage, a woman set her husband on fire at T V Nagar, Tindivanam.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the woman was unable to put up with his alcoholic behaviour.

According to the police, Sethupathy (24), who worked at a puncture shop, was in a relationship with Murugaveni for a while before marrying her 20 days ago.

However, their married life has been on the rocks from day 1 with Sethupathy suspecting her of infidelity. He was also alcoholic.

The couple lived in a thatched hut in T V Nagar. Last night, while Sethupathy was sleeping, Murugaveni poured kerosene and set him on fire. She stepped out of the hut and locked it from outside. The neighbours could not save him as the fire spread quickly.

Fire and rescue service vehicles from Tindivanam arrived at the spot and put out the flames. But Sethupathy succumbed to burn injuries. His body was sent to Mundiyampakkam Medical College Hospital.

The police arrested Murugaveni and also took her mother Kumudam for an inquiry as she is also suspected to have been involved in the crime.

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