Review: ‘Jackpot’ – Spice girls

Chennai: Who said only heroes can come out with mass masala films loaded with action and punchlines? Jackpot starring Jyothika and Revathy in lead roles is a racy entertainer that has all essential elements that one would see in a hero-centric movie.

And though the entire flick revolves around two women, it is nowhere weepy, emotional or tries to convey a strong message.

Gulebagavali fame Kalyaan has come out with a comedy cocktail in Jackpot (an extension of Gulebagavali). In a nutshell, it is about two con women, who fight a gangster after knowing that a mystic vessel is hidden in his home. An army of comedians find a place in the movie and all have enough screen space. The one-liners and witty dialogues deserve special mention.

Jackpot begins with a flashback. Centuries ago, a mystic vessel is washed ashore. It is an Akshaya Pathiram, where anything dropped inside it multiples. Cut to present Akshaya (Jyothika) and Maasha (Revathy), two con women earn their daily bread cheating others. They rob rich and pay poor. Coming to know about the mystic vessel, they plan to go in search of it to mak quick money. They find out that it is buried at the house of a gangster (Anandharaj). They take the help of Motta Rajendran and Yogi Babu. What follows is a series of funny situations. Did they get the vessel or not forms the climax.

Forget all logic and watch Jackpot. Jyothika as Akshaya appears in flashy costumes. Her intro song, punchlines and acrobatic stunt sequences have come good. Revathy does a wonderful job. She looks fresh and bubbly. Mottai Rajendran and Yogi Babu’s comedy is entertaining. But the real scene-stealer is Anandharaj. In double role, he brings out the funny side of him very well. Mansoor Ali Khan as Bhai is good and there is a cameo by Samuthirakani, who appears as himself.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s peppy music and Anandakumar’s cinematography compliment each other well. Credits to Kalyaan for he manages to come out with funny one-liners with such consummate ease. And finally, having seen Jyothika in serious films much recently, Jackpot is strikingly different where she entertains and not tries to educate the audience. The bubbly girl is back.