Bigg Boss-3 seems to lose grip with same topics over and over again

Leave behind the tasks, rules and other main aspects that comprise the reality show – Bigg Boss Season 3. What runs the show are allegations, attention-grabbing activities and ‘who loves whom’ topics. After a point of time, ‘Ohhh. We are tired of your drama, guys..’ is what the audience felt in the past week.

While it was Aarav and Oviya in the first season, Yashika and Mahat in the second, the third season brings you a triangle love story involving Sakshi, Kavin, and Losliya.

Contestant Kavin has now openly stated that he tried to give content for people by developing a close friendship with housemates – Sakshi, Losliya, Abirami, and Sherin. So one the ‘friendship statements’ that he made to Sakshi is – ‘You got almost all the qualities that I would expect from my wife-to-be’. So, soon after when Sakshi fell for these, Kavin backed out and said it was all just ‘friendship’.

This had upset Sakshi to a large extent and parallelly she saw Kavin and Losliya getting close. This affected her and she burst out this week. All other housemates are just confused with what’s happening, whom to back and what to make of the stories they hear.

Sakshi, Losliya

To be frank, housemate Losliya has lost her charm that she earlier had. People even spoke of her as the ‘next Oviya’. But somewhere down the line, she has lost her grip and her attitude is not welcomed by her fellow housemates.

However, we cannot easily forget what happened last week. After Oviya’s ‘kurumpadam’ (the re-telecast of a small portion of footage), we can very well say that Cheran’s ‘kurumpadam’ is a massive hit among the people.

Recently-evicted contestant Meera Mithun alleged that director Cheran, also her fellow housemate, handled her rudely with wrong intention during a task. Cheran, who was afraid that this allegation might be portrayed wrongly, cried. He also asked Bigg Boss to telecast the ‘kurumpadam’.

In the footage, nothing was shown as alleged by Meera. Cheran was cleared. However, Meera got eliminated. With quarrels started to increase in the house, the game has started heating up.

On Friday, there was this clash between housemates Saravanan and Cheran, each criticising the other for the way they enacted actors Vijayakanth and Rajinikanth respectively.

This week, contestants Abirami, Kavin, Sakshi, Madhumitha and Reshma were nominated for eviction. With heated quarrels, people are now looking forward to the weekend episode.

P T Usha