Chennai Corpn makes use of yard at Porur to segregate waste

Chennai: There is a bucket of complaints in the neighbourhood concerning overflowing garbage bins.

Residents often complain that corporation workers are not clearing the trash at regular intervals. But in contrast to this, a compost yard here at Mugalivakkam is being used for collection and segregation of waste collected from households in the locality.

The workers here collect the garbage and then classify them based on their decomposing nature. They then grind the bio-degradable waste, convert it into manure and supply it back to the residents. This in turn can be used for growing plants.

One of the workers at the compost yard said, “These days, carrying tons of waste in a lorry and dumping them at one place has become impossible. Moreover, this increases land population. But conversion of waste into manure provides a solution to all our problems.”

“We are provided with proper hand gloves and face masks to safeguard ourselves from infection. The grinding machines are operated by a set of workers and they are trained accordingly,” he added.

Speaking about the initiative, a happy resident said, “This idea of the GCC really helps the locals, and waste doesn’t get accumulated or lie scattered on roads. Yards and bins with piled up garbage served as home for mosquitoes and other insects. But now, due to this initiative, we are saved from contracting contagious diseases. As monsoon is set to begin, it would be great if this is applied in all other areas in the neighbourhood.”

He further added, “Although the workers are provided with safety equipment, segregating waste is not an easy task. Hence, locals should make sure to segregate their household waste right from scratch, as this will make the workers’ process easier.”

Even as the locals welcome the establishment of a compost yard, some social activists mention that it is essential to conduct awareness campaigns among the people about waste segregation and teach them how to reduce usage of non-biodegradable items.

P T Usha