Chennaiite stresses the importance of rainwater harvesting


Chennai: Rajarethinam, a resident of Porur stresses about the importance of rainwater harvesting installation. He says, “We have to collect and store the rain water during the monsoon and use it in summer. This is the simple and economical solution for people to save themselves from water crises issue. Ground water is present beneath earth’s surface in soil, sand, gravel, and rock fractures called aquifers. This water is pumped for irrigation, domestic and industrial purposes. Balance water goes to river and then to the sea. In our house, I have installed rain water harvesting system. Our water quality is good. We did not feel the water scarcity during summer. Even a small rain raises the water level in the well.┬áThe same system can be introduced in multistorey buildings by constructing percolation pits.”

“Plastering of pavements may be reduced so that the water will penetrate the soil. All of us must take initiative to introduce RWH system in our buildings and store water when it is available and use the same during summer,” he adds.

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