Lack of traffic signal at DLF, Chennai, irks commuters

Chennai: Every minute, one can see hundreds of people crossing the DLF junction near Porur. People, especially those who work at the nearby IT park, want a traffic signal installed here to avoid chaos and minor accidents.

Motorists feel that the absence of signal here is the main reason for accidents happening along this stretch. “Riding a bike here is a challenging one. Not only here at the IT Park, but many junctions like this lack signal. Pedestrians crossing the road without signalling their hands cause major threat to motorists,” says Karthikeyan who takes this stretch every day.

Pedestrians complain that they have no separate place to walk on. On one side is the IT Park and on the other is the bus shelter and auto stand, and this makes the place very congested. Commercial establishments here have narrowed the roads and make it difficult for pedestrians.

Lalitha, who works in the IT Park, says, “Traffic here is at its peak all the time. It is the security guard who helps us cross the road by regulating the vehicles. Over-speeding vehicles during the peak hours pose huge threat to pedestrians. Erecting a signal here is a must or at least two or three cops should be present here to regulate vehicles.”

NT Bureau