Revathy speaks about working in ‘Jackpot’, Jyothika and more

One of most recognized Tamil star, Revathy has received positive response for her latest flick Jackpot, co-starring Jyothika. It has earned praise from fans for its stunts, humour and the role portrayed by the lead actors. Revathy plays the role of Masha in the film.

“When the director met me for the first time, he said that he was a big fan of my role as Masha in Arangetra Velai,” she says. “Hence he renamed my character in this movie too.” Produced by Suriya’s 2D Entertainment, Jackpot is directed by Kalyaan of Gulaebaghavali fame. It has Yogi Babu, Rajendran, Anandaraj, and Mansoor Ali Khan in pivotal roles. Revathy speaks with News Today about working in Jackpot, Jyothika and more.

Excerpts from the interview
1) How was the experience to work in Jackpot?
It was fantastic. It was nice to work in a female lead film and I enjoyed working with the crew. I have also seen that at 2D Entertainment, they take care of the crew really well. They make sure to treat them well and serve good food while filming. Kalyaan is very considerate to the production team and gave us freedom to take short breaks.

2) This is your second collaboration with director Kalyaan
When Kalyaan reached me with a strong character for Jackpot, I agreed to work without hesitation. He is very realistic in his approach. He knows what he is doing and is very hardworking. I have big trust in him. If there were any hiccups while shooting, I would tell the crew to trust Kalyaan and not to worry. He makes us do a different kind of performance. For people whom you like to work, you will always be ready to say yes.

3) What was it like to work with Jyothika?
Jyothika is very dedicated when she starts acting. She is someone who finishes her performance with utmost dedication. Jyothika has the talent to immerse into a character fully. She reads her scripts and performs well. She is amazing to work with any directors. During the shoot, we had a great time and we enjoyed ourselves.

4) What type of films would you like to do more?
I have been lucky to work in wonderful films during the initial stages of my career. It built a foundation for me. I worked with wonderful directors. With this, I have made a good career for myself. I make sure to take time to work in films with good script. I hardly get comedy films but I would love to work in more such movies. I feel comedy shouldn’t be crass, meaningless, or with slapstick. I am also waiting to do a character like the one Amitabh Bachan portrayed in Sarkar.

5) Talk to us about the changes you have witnessed in the film industry
Back in the 80s, it was very tough to choose the best screenplays as films’ had strong plots. We were hustling with different characters. Hence the stars who worked in the 80s are still appearing today because they performed in films with powerful scripts. That era was brilliant. Nowadays, I have noticed that many youngsters are eager to movies with strong female roles. It is nice to see them write about it.

Mohammed Rayaan