Ban on plastic brings cheer to banana leaf sellers in Chennai

Chennai: Almost eight months after the implementation of plastic ban in the State, ‘News Today’ had a field visit to see the outcome of the rule in the locality.

The usage of plastic has has visibly gone down with many commercial outlets resorting to alternative bags. At many places, residents are seen carrying their own bags to shops. A few hotels in the locality have asked customers to bring their own vessels for sambhar and chutney and most of customers do not complain about it.

The ban on plastic has also come as happy news for banana leaf sellers. “We have seen a sudden rise in sales, many hotels in the locality have started giving bulk orders and we are happy about it,” said Valan, a vendor.

It is not just the banana leaf sellers, but the conservancy workers too seem to be glad that plastic has been reduced. “Earlier, plastic will be dumped in the garbage and it will be difficult for us to segregate, but now things are mande easy,” said Sundar, a conservancy worker.
Municipality officials said they have been constantly creating awareness among the shopkeepers and public to avoid the usage of plastic.

“We go on surprise raids and if any plastic is found in the locality, spot fine is collected,” he said.
Apart from posters and banners, writings on the ill-effects of the usage of plastic are also found in several places in the neighbourhood.

Though many medium and big outlets have reduced the usage of plastic bags, it is still used by roadside vendors and small shops.

NT Bureau