Kiruthika, founder of Hooray, talks about trending, customisable clothes

Chennai: A creative mind and endless love for colours rule Kiruthika’s life. This 25-year-old enthusiast, an architect by profession, was bold enough to resign her job and follow her heart and start a brand in clothes designing.

As a result of tireless work, she was able to establish her own handmade clothes branding start-up, ‘Hooray’.

In an interview to News Today, the founder of Hooray shares thoughts about the common mistakes couples make while dressing up for their wedding, things to look for while choosing dresses and more.

Here are the excerpts of the interview:
Q: How did this interest in clothes designing start?
A: I always loved dressing up. And I grew up watching my mother sew dresses for me. That’s how it all started. As I studied architect, I had a design background which helped me in understanding the design process and I applied this in fashion design. The interest got a boost when I mastered stitching my very own first dress.

Q: How has been the journey of Hooray?
A: When I had the idea of starting my brand, I was working as a junior architect in Ahmedabad. However, I was very clear that designing dresses was all that I ever wanted. Then, I started working as an assistant professor in Madurai to support my brand financially, where I worked for Hooray during the weekends.
At first, I did a test shoot with my friends, wearing my own designed clothes and the review was awesome. As I decided to work on it, I introduced five patterns and started a page on Instagram and Facebook.

After a year, I hosted an exhibition in Chennai to understand the taste of my clients in person, as I was dealing online till then. The expo worked well.

In the future, I want to make Hooray a global brand, making it grow with the touch of different craftspersons around the globe.

Q: Do people welcome customised clothes?
A: Yes. One thing people like about handmade clothes is when they are customisable. Readymade doesn’t fit everyone. These days, people are looking for someone who can customise dresses for them. In that way, we were deliberately taking up customising orders.

Q: Can you pinpoint some common mistakes people make while dressing up?
A: Generally, people don’t consider their body structure before making a purchase. Just because a dress looks nice it doesn’t mean it will suits any body type or any occasion. One should have a sense of styling and know the purpose of a particular styling. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t break the normal: I mean it is alright to go away from the mainstream and dress the way you want. But conceptualising your appearance is important.

Q: What are the common mistakes couples make while choosing a dress for their wedding?
A: I find that going monotonous is the common mistake most people make. They are very keen on getting to know what others will be wearing for the occasion, and they don’t spend time making it different. After all, it’s their special day. But they simply don’t invest time on the attires they are going to carry for their lifetime. My advice for everyone is, spend some time on grooming yourself. It’s not wrong to present yourself well, it’s not overdoing. Try experimenting with different clothes, and don’t have a boring wardrobe!

P T Usha