Meghna Pant’s ‘How to get published in India’ offers plentiful writing tips

Many people wish to write a book one day. They have this burning desire to get published and become the next Amish Tripathi. Budding writers often to grab books that teach how to become a better writer or read articles that gives a glimpse on what it takes to get published.

‘How to get published in India’ by Meghna Pant is an easy to read guide on what it takes to become a published writer. The book is split into two sections; writing and publishing. The writing part is further sub-categorized into becoming a better writer, how to hone your writing style, how to craft your novel, developing plots, characters, sharpening dialogues, editing your stories with razor sharp eyes of a hawk. It also talks about how to format your manuscripts, and what it takes to be a writer.

Once you start reading the publishing section, you get to understand what it really takes to exist on print; to become a published author. Meghna speaks about how the publishing industry works, how literary agents connect with new manuscripts that are worth publishing. For a writer who is bent upon getting his/her work on print, these chapters offer the sad reality of how hard it is become a published author. Nevertheless, Meghna, throughout the book, speaks about the joys of writing and satisfaction you get. Writing is more than just about earning money.

Another brilliant aspect of the book is that it is loaded with essays on numerous subjects written by top best-sellers like Jeffery Archer, Twinkle Khanna, Preeti Shenoy , Anand Neelakantan and many more. They share tips on writing well, industry secrets, getting published by foreign firms, and other golden tips. The best part about reading this book is that you can read it in any order (if you are someone who has devoured many writing/publishing guide). Also, it reads like a compliation of dozens of crisply written short blog posts that teach you to become a better writer spot on. If you truly wish to fire up the writer in you, then Meghna Pant’s book is the easiest guide available in the market.

Mohammed Rayaan