Ambattur residents meet Metrowater CE over tanker supply

Chennai: Property tax and its collection has been of much issue in the neighbourhood lately. With residents meeting up with the Minister for Municipal Administration, the issue has been put to rest temporarily.

However, recently, another row came to the fore as residents claim that authorities had stopped Metrowater supply through tankers, citing tax dues.

With the neighbourhood struggling with water scarcity, the news came as hard hitting for residents.

To solve the issue, the president and general secretary of United Welfare Association – Ambattur, met the Chief Engineer, S Arumugam recently to solve the issue.

In their letter to the Managing Director of CMWSSB, T N Hariharan, the federation had noted that property tax is very high in Ambattur. With the Metrowater tax being a part of the property tax (1.5 per cent of the assessed annual value), residents are feeling the brunt of paying additional tax, the letter noted.

The members, Solai and Suresh, who are the president and general secretary of UWAA, noted that they had met Minister S P Velumani and that he had promised to reduce property taxes in the neighbourhood.

“We explained the situation to Arumugam and he was concerned about the issue. He promised us that he would look into the matter and resume water supply regardless of the tax arrears,” said Suresh, speaking to News Today.

Residents feel that when the property tax is reduced, water taxes will also be reduced and so they claim to be simply waiting for the revision to take place.

With water tankers stopped, residents are depending on private operators to quench their thirst, but they say the prices asked are exorbitant. Latha, a resident of Ambattur, said, “The reason we book for a tanker from the government is that it is affordable. However, the waiting period has increased now and to meet our needs, we have had to resort to ordering water from private suppliers who ask a huge price. Because the demand is high and we need water, we have no go other than to buy it.
But what about those who cannot? Authorities must take the situation into consideration and supply water to us.”

Praveen Kumar S