Athi Varadar found in pink robes on day 40 of darshan at Kanchi (video)

Chennai: On the 9th day of ninra thirukolam today, Lord Athi Varadar looked enchanting, draped in baby pink vastram with a broad blue zari border.

Today also being the 40th day of darshan at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple and with just eight days to go for the vaibhavam to draw to a close, the devotees and pilgrims crowd is swelling at Kanchipuram.

Yesterday, some 3 lakh people are said to have had darshan of the Lord who is found in standing posture now after being worshipped in sayana thirukolam (reclining posture), for a month from 1 July.

Kanchipuram Collector P Ponniah yesterday announced that there will be no darshan on the last day – 17 August.

VIP darshan would be stopped with 15 August and only general darshan will be allowed 16 August, it is said.

Photos / video: D Sundar

NT Bureau