BJP slams Telangana govt for not celebrating Hyderabad liberation Day

Hyderabad: “Today, I, as president of BJP, I am challenging the Chief Minister. For whose interests, why the sacrifices of Telangana great personalities are being mortgaged to Majlis now,” asked Telangana BJP president K Laxman slamming the ruling government.

The BJP has been demanding that the State celebrate ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ on 17 September. As it was the same day in 1948 that the Hyderabad State had merged with the Indian union.

Laxman warned that the BJP would celebrate the day and if the TRS government led by K Chandrasekar Rao took it lightly and did not come forward. He said that the BJP would invite Home Minister Amit Shah and organise a public meeting on the day.

He claimed that the TRS government was taking the issue lightly due to vote bank politics influenced by AIMIM and was mortgaging the sacrifices of the people of Telangana to majlis, i.e., AIMIM led by Asaduddin Owaisi.

Laxman said that Rao had opposed the previous Andhra Pradesh rulers during separate Telangana agitation for not celebrating the day, but he has himself ignored the issue now.

Laxman claimed that Telangana people would be ready to politically bury the TRS if it suppressed Telangana history for appeasement politics.

He also stated that BJP would take efforts to highlight the issue nationally by organising events like seminars or exhibitions, including in Delhi.

NT Bureau