Vinayagar idol in Mylapore temple was discovered by George Arundale

Chennai: In the temple town of Chennai, which is Mylapore, there are numerous temples and idols that are centuries old. Sri Valampuri Vinayagar Temple at Mylapore is one such temple, with its idol being more than 500 years old.

Located on Arundale Street, it is a very small temple with only one sanctum for Lord Vinayaga.
Speaking about the temple, priest Mangalanadha Gurukkal says, “This Vinayagar idol was discovered some 500 years ago by George Arundale, a Theosophist who lived in Madras before Independence, on a piece of ground and after that a temple was built around the swayambu Vinayagar at the same place.”

The temple is currently located in the centre of Arundale Street with the road going around it.
The Vinayagar idol is in sitting posture facing south, which is the speciality according to the priest.

He says, “This Vinayagar is facing south and it has its own specialities as it helps remove ‘Yama bayam’ (fear of death) from devotees and also helps one live a healthy life by being rid of diseases.”
He said he had been in the temple for the last 30 years and ‘as far as I have seen and heard from devotees, this Vinayagar is also said to grant anything that a devotee wishes for’.

“People whose marriage is getting delayed, people with ailments and other issues visit the temple and say that after coming here whatever they had wished for, happened and that they are happy. I have personally seen a small boy, who was unable to speak, come to the temple regularly with his mother, praying to the deity. Within a few years, the boy was able to speak and now, after some years, he is in a very good job,” adds the priest.

Speaking about the important festivals in the temple, the priest says, “Every day in the morning, abhishekam is performed. Sankatahara Chathurthi is observed in a big way as on that day special abhishekam is performed to the Lord. During Vinayagar Chathurthi, there is special homam in the morning and evening and there will be special alankaram after an elaborate abhishekam.”

Another notable thing is that during Valarpirai Chathurthi, every morning, Ganapathy homam is performed. The Gurukkal also mentions some special ways to worship the deity.

“People can worship the deity by offering coconut. You should make a garland by tying 11 coconuts together. Arugampul archanai is also performed in the temple,” explained the priest.

This Vinayagar is located in the Kubera Moolai and attracts many businessmen as it is believed that He will help enhance their business, adds the priest.

The temple is open every day from 7 am to 11 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Aaditya Anand M