Day 41: More people land in Kanchi for Athi Varadar darshan (video)

Chennai: The long weekend which began today has brought more crowds to Kanchipuram for darshan of Athi Varadar. Right from the wee hours of today, devotees thronged the temple town in large numbers as it also happens to be Saturday, a day ideal for worshipping Lord Athi Varadar (Perumal).

Anticipating the spike in devotees, the number of police personnel and support staff has been increased.

Today being the 41st day of Athi Varadar darshan is also the 10th day of seeing the Lord in ninra thirukolam. From 1 July to 31 July, the deity was worshipped in sayana thirukolam.

The Lord, usually adorned with different colour robes every day, was today seen in a white attire with a beautiful pink border and pink upper cloth with blue border. He was also decorated with floral garlands.

A minor scuffle was reported between police personnel and medical staff which was sorted out after the intervention of higher officials.

The Athi Varadar vaibhavam concludes 17 August but public darshan ends 16 August night.

Photos / video: D Sundar

NT Bureau