Radisson Blu Hotel GRT unveils G7 summit inspired food festival

When we think about the G7 Summit, the first thought that probably comes to our head is what leaders of these nations will discuss. Any new MoUs to be signed? New deals? Politics, politics. But the chefs at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT near Chennai Intl Airport had other things in mind.

‘We wanted to offer the city the cuisine of G7 nations,’ says director operations, food & beverage Makendra Kumar. ‘This is something unique and different. Food and culture of this countries are rich and vibrant.’

Until 26 August, Radisson Blu is all set to delight customers with ‘The Great SumEat’ food festival at its restaurant, Salt Co. 531. The ambiance is just fantastic. Flags of the G7 nations; Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA are draped across the ceiling. Outside, live musicians sing by the pool much to the delight of the diners. Live counters are arranged to offer exquisite dishes served hot right from the chefs’ stove. They have also arranged for a short parade were staffs march through the tables, holding flags of each G7 Nations.

Before arming myself with a plate and fork, waiters dash around me, offering me steaming hot chicken kebabs. It is spicy and the meat is overwhelmingly tender. Then I do my best to explore the variety of dishes available.

Grill exotic vegetables steak were neatly chopped and arranged on a tiny bowl. The arrangements for each dishes is flawless and photogenic. I also dived into broccoli with salad. All the veggies were slightly cold and fresh. You could feel the subtle hint of watery tenderness flowing through your mouth with each bite you take.

American mix sea food salad is a delight. You are served with long chopped tomatoes, greens along with a thin slender piece of meat. Likewise, salad nicoise comes packed with a triangular shaped mutton which reminds you of a sandwich. Eaten along with green beans and boiled egg leaves you in bliss. Roasted chicken with bell pepper comes laced with yet another triangular chunk of chicken with tiny tomatoes chopped along with pineapple. The chefs make sure to blend vegetables and meat in a delicious way.

There are so many dishes to try but it will be near impossible as your tummy will be full by the time you are done with just half of the dishes. You can ask for the best dish to try out from the chefs who are kind to offer excellent suggestion. Dreaming to eat the best food from the G7 Nations? Then don’t hesitate to step into Radisson Blu Hotel GRT.

(The Great SumEat fest is on till 26 August. Salt Co. 531 is located at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, near Chennai International Airport. For details, contact 2231 0101)

Mohammed Rayaan