Chennaiites want SWDs declogged before monsoon

Chennai: Residents of the various parts of Madipakkam, including, Rajaji Nagar, Sadasivam Nagar and Ram Nagar want the storm water drains (SWDs) that run on either side of the streets before the monsoon starts.

Anbalagan, president of Madipakkam North East Residents Welfare Association (MANERWA), said, “We have storm water drains in most parts of the locality. But, these drains are now clogged with construction debris and other garbage. Especially the drainage in Ram Nagar Ninth Street, the pavement on top of the storm water drain is broken and the cement blocks have fallen into the same. The street was flooded with stagnant water after it rained for hardly a couple of hours or even less.”

Maheshwari, a resident of Rajaji Nagar, said, “We have seen the 2015 floods and we know the difficulties and problems that arise during the monsoon downpour. Corporation officials should take necessary actions and de-clog the drains, so tht we can avoid unfortunate situations in the future.”

Anbalagan opined, “There are many water bodies in our locality and they are mostly dry. The officials can implement plans that will channel rainwater that stagnates in the street and let it flow into the water bodies. This will help us store more water, so that water scarcity and flooding can be avoided.”

M Anandavalli