4-year-old Chennai girl marks her name in Indian Book of Records

Chennai: Even when adults find it hard to remember a small list of groceries, 4-year-old Veyashini from Mangala Nagar, Porur, marked her name in Indian Book of Records by listing 49 countries along with their capitals in just 84 seconds!

In a chat with News Today, Veyashini’s father Prakash says, “There are many children who can list country names along with their capitals. So the aspect that we set out as a challenge for our child is the ‘time limit.”

“We decided to make her set a record by listing 49 countries of the Asian continent along with their capitals within 84 seconds. Already a girl from Maharashtra has done this in 81 seconds, but without capitals.” Veyashini was recognised by Indian Book of Records for her powerful memory.

Now, her parents have applied for Asian Book of Records. “Our daughter had an inborn talent of remembering things. She can recognise someone whom she had met for the first time several months ago. Also, her teachers find her memory power to be extraordinary. I read an article that said a boy in Pune had memorised and listed all country’s Presidents’ names. This triggered me to try something like this with my daughter.”

He goes on to add, “I initially started with teaching her all Indian States and their capitals. When I asked her about it the next day, she surprised me by saying all the names correctly and that too in a short time. So, gradually I started teaching her all Asian country names and capitals. Now she knows all the countries and capitals of Asia, and 90 per cent names of Europe and other continents.”

Talking about the challenging part, Prakash says, “Without doubt, the teaching process was difficult. After all, she is a child, and we know nothing will work if we compel her. So the learning process was gradual. Instead of bedtime stories, I and her mother would teach her country names. And, we wouldn’t miss to memorise it the next morning. Every day, we take her to the neighbourhood park and teach her while she plays. This makes learning fun.”

As an advice to parents who are worried about their children getting addicted to smartphones and other gadgets, he says, “Parents shouldn’t use them in front of the kids. I put my phone on silent mode before I enter the house and make sure not to use it in front of my child. I use the phone only in case of emergency and so does my wife.”

When asked about Veyashini’s future plan, Prakash says, “She will be turning 5 this November. We are planning to break another record before that. She will be saying the names and capitals of all 196 countries in 4 minutes. We are confident that she will do it and she is also capable of doing it.”

P T Usha