Day 44: Just three more days for Athi Varadar darshan to end (video)

Chennai: With just three days to go for the curtains to come down on Athi Varadar vaibhavam in Kanchipuram, lakhs of devotees thronged the temple town today for darshan.

The Lord, also hailed as Devarajan, was today, the 44th day of darshan, seen in the same regal crown that He was decorated with a few days ago.

His light green silk robe, with brown border, was almost covered completely with flowers and garlands. Six green parrot dolls are seen perched on His shoulder and hands.

Today also marks the 13th day of Lord Athi Varadar giving darshan in ninra thirukolam (standing pose).

The vaibhavam began 1 July and the Lord was seen in sayana thirukolam (reclining posture) for 31 days till 1 August after which devotees worshipped Him in ninra thirukolam.

Photos / video: D Sundar


NT Bureau