Woman murdered by brother at Puzhal

Chennai: A woman died on the spot after her brother hit her with an  iron rod at Puzhal allegedly due to a dispute over

According to police, the victim, Mallika (55), was murdered by her bother Nandakumar last night while she was leaving
her house at Lakshmipuram, Kolathur. Police said, Mallika’’s husband Jayaraman passed away 15 years ago. Since then she has been living at her daughter’s house in Veppampet, Thiruvallur and occasionally visited her son Shankar in Lakshmipuram.

The dispute between Mallika and Nandakumar was over a land and four houses in Lakshmipuram. It is said that while
Shankar lived in one of the houses, the remaining two were rented out. Without Mallika’s knowledge, Nandakumar
allegedly sold two houses to the tenants and took the money. Police said, since then the siblings have not been
in good terms.

Yesterday, Mallika came to meet Shankar. Since he was not at home, at 9 pm, she began walking out of the house and
Nandakumar followed her and hit her with an iron rod on her neck and head. While she screamed and collapsed, neighbours came to her rescue, even as Nandakumar fled the scene. She however succumbed to injuries. Nandakumar was arrested later.

NT Bureau