2 men lock up boy on suspicion of stealing their parrots, get arrested

Nagapattina: Suspecting a 15-year-old boy of stealing their parrots, two men lock him up in their shop. They were arrested by the police yesterday.

The accused were identified as Barakathullah (28) and Tariq (26). A few days ago, three exotic parrots, worth about Rs 15,000 totally, went missing from Barakathullah’s house.

When the men received information that the boy was seen selling some birds, they brought him to Tariq’s textile shop and questioned him. They assaulted and kept him locked up inside the shop. The boy allegedly consumed an adhesive material in the shop and started crying for help. The police were alerted  by some passersby who rushed to the spot and rescued the boy.     

Barakathullah and Tariq were later arrested by the officials.


NT Bureau