Mosquito menace in Chennai’s Bharathipuram worries residents

Chennai: Residents of Bharathipuram’s Padmanabhan Street are a worried lot. The increased breeding of mosquitoes in the open drainage canals in the locality, is said to be the prime reason.

R Ramadas, a socially active resident, said, “The uncovered canals are clogged with plastic waste and other garbage, causing water stagnation. This makes it conducive for breeding.”

He added, “Many residents of our street are affected because this. My family members and neighbours have nausea, running temperature and skin allergy, apart from other ailments; all because of the poor hygiene levels.”

When News Today team visited the area, the open drainages, uncleared construction debris, broken branches of trees could be seen in the locality. “The monsoon is nearing and we can expect rains at any time. In this situation, Municipality officials should take measures like de-clogging, while fogging should be carried at regular intervals to prevent malaria, dengue and other diseases,” he stated.

He also noted that he had raised a complaint to the Pallavaram Municipality office, via the toll free number and was told that many of the officials were busy in Kanchipuram and that no proper response was given to his complaint.

“It would be helpful if the concerned authorities take necessary action to address the issues here,” he said.

This news report is based on the inputs given by R Ramadas, a resident of Padmanabhan Street. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.


NT Bureau