Parking issues haunt Chennai residents

Vehicles parked on Canal Road, Kilpauk Garden, hinder the movement of other vehicles.

Chennai: Parking has been one of the major issues haunting the residents of Kilpauk Garden and Anna Nagar for a long time, especially on Canal Road, Kilkpauk Garden.

Inspite of various measures taken by the Corporation officials areas bordering the important roads in Anna Nagar have been changed into parking lots by ambulance vehicles and tourist cars.

“A spate of vehicles are being parked in front of our houses which makes life difficult for residents like me. We are left with no space to step out of our homes or to park our own vehicles. We have been complaining about this issue for so many years now but are yet to get a permanent relief,” says Gunna Sekar, a resident of Canal Road which serves as a back entrance to Anna Nagar.

Echoing the same view, another resident of Vignesh says “All inner roads in Kilpauk including our street have been converted into parking spaces. Installation of ‘no-parking’ boards in no way deters commuters from parking their vehicles. We have to be on the vigil to make sure that no one parks vehicles in front of our homes if not we are forced to wait until the vehicle owner returns. Most of the times, I use to move vehicles parked outside to enter my home.”

Even though some commercial establishments have parking spaces for the public most of them have earmarked spaces outside their shops for customers to park their vehicles. “Some establishments are making use of footpaths for parking purposes which makes it hard for public to pass through them and this gets worse during festive seasons. Usually these places are crowded all around the year and parking of vehicles along footpaths adds to traffic woes of this area. We urge the government to take some necessary steps to curb this parking menace,” says Rajan, a resident for the past 10 years.

“Corporation has been doing its share to tackle this issue but still there are some issues which require pressing action by them,” adds Rajan.

The Chennai Corporation seems to have a lot of plans in its kitty and is determined to establish a traffic free ‘Greater Chennai’. As a part of it, corporation has planned to construct multi-storey parking lots in and around Anna Nagar.

But the residents want corporation authorities to regulate the parking of vehicles and to act tough on vehicles parked within ‘no-parking’ zone.

Traffic policeman, said, “We informed the ambulance service provider and travel agencies to avoid parking on Canal Road, but few drivers residing here parking vehicles. The drivers are also finding another place to park their vehicles.”

S Solomon Raj