A compilation of books to read this Independence Day

Chennai: Books always inspire us to take actions and lead our lives with a long lasting legacy. Tales of unsung heroes humble us and reminds us that icons can be found anywhere.

To mark this Independence day, ‘News Today‘ has complied list of books to read. They are selected based on the history, culturally impact, military and our city.

* Ignited Minds

‘Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India’ written by APJ Abdul Kalam should be read by everyone. The ‘People’s President’ made vast impact among the hearts of every citizen, especially students. His life is sure to lift us off with motivation just like the rockets he built.

In Ignited Minds, he writes to young readers what it takes to build a strong, happy nation. In very simple words he explains the issues that plague our country and matters that need to be addressed to become a super power. It is timeless and is bound to ignite young minds with hope and determination to make a positive dent for our country.

* India’s Most Fearless

‘India‚Äôs Most Fearless: True Stories Of Modern Military Heroes’ written by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh reads a thrilling action drama. The authors seamlessly narrate 14 true stories of people from our armed forces.

We learn about their courage and how they are so willing to sacrifice for India without a moment’s hesitation. It is brilliant to learn about how our armed forced respond to enemy when our land is breached by enemies.

* The Great Indian Obsession

“In India, you become an Engineer and then figure out what to do with your life,” writes Adhitya Iyer in his book ‘The Great Indian Obsession: The Untold Story Of India’s Engineers’.

As the title suggests, the book explores why our country continuously churns out millions of engineering graduates like hot samosas.

Filled with pun, fun and facts, the book is laced with wit and humour.

* Tales of Old and New Madras

Our city Chennai has incredibly history. In ‘Tales of Old and New Madras’ by S Muthiah, we dive into the stories of ancient traders, rulers, and notable personalities who made the city what it is today.

Riddled by immense load of research, Muthiah takes us right into the heart of ancient Madras that brimmed with bustling activities.

He invites readers to take a trip back three centuries, when Madras was a tiny town by the sea.

* Experiments with Truth

Gandhi was a man with hope. In his exceptional autobiography, ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’, we read about his life. As the title suggest, the book revolves around many ‘experiments’ through the course of his life to find meaning in every thing he does.

Laced with numerous tales from his childhood, to his life as a young man, Gandhi speaks the truth.

Mohammed Rayaan