Panchayat officials, residents plant saplings in Chitlapakkam

Chennai: Chitlapakkam has high chances of becoming a haven for nature lovers in the near future as the residents and Panchayat officials have taken up an initiative to provide green cover to public spaces.

The civic body has said they are planning to plant 2,000 saplings in the locality and work has already begun for it. It is said they will follow the Miyawaki method to restore greenery in the locality.

The residents are also involved in the process of greening Chitlapakkam and they have a created a ‘C’ shaped Miyawaki at the SBI Park. They said they have designed the Miyawaki in ‘C’ shape to represent Chitlapakkam.

Around 60 saplings have been planted in the Miyawaki now. The residents said SBI Park has a glorious green future, if it is maintained well. They also thanked the Chitlapakkam Town Panchayat officials for supporting the initiative.

“Kudos and thanks to the Panchayat for leading with the greening efforts. We are happy that the government has started supporting this initiative now,” said Sunil Jayaraman, a resident.

What is Miyawaki?
The Miyawaki method of afforestation / planting trees involves planting a number of different types of trees close together in a small pit. By closely planting many random trees close together in a small area, it enriches the green cover and reinforces the richness of the land. This will lead to co-existence of plants and, as a matter of fact, each plant draws from the other vital nutrients and they grow to become strong and healthy.


NT Bureau