Poster menace at Chennai bus stops irks locals

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Chennai: Poster menace is back to trouble residents of the suburbs. Almost all the walls in the neighbourhood, have film posters and advertisements covering them entirely.

According to Dhinesh, a resident of Vengaivasal, there was a respite from this for some time but the problem is back now.

“Everywhere one turns, at least 50 of these can be seen. It spoils the beauty of the neighbourhood,” he fumed.┬áIt is majorly the bus terminus/ stops that are targeted by the people who indulge in pasting. Medavakkam bus terminus, Santhoshapuram and Gowriwakkam stops are all affected due to this.

Speaking to News Today, an MTC official at Medavakkam bus terminus, said, “We try to remove the posters from the bus stop but they keep continuing at it. They do this work during the early morning hours. They did not even spare the timekeeper booth. There is only so much we can do,” he said.
These posters also lead to cattle troubles, as the cows come to eat the posters. This in turn, causes problems for commuters.

Tamilselvam, a passenger, suggested that since the advertisements clearly say who they belong to, they should be issued a warning and if the sticking continues, heavy fines should be imposed on them.

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