Chrompetites say no water for 80 days; official says all is well

Residents welfare association members at the meeting.

Chennai: More than 50 residents of Chrompet assembled today at 10.30 am in the Pallavaram Municipality Office to file a petition as Palar water has not been supplied to their locality for more than two months.

Headed by V Santhanam, president, New Colony Residents Welfare Association, representatives of 12 residents welfare associations and residents of ward 38 and 39, got together under the banner ‘Peoples Awareness Centre’.

They assembled outside the Pallavaram Municipality Office with placards to express their disappointment as no drinking water had been supplied for more than 80 days, according to sources.

Baburajan, a resident of Suriya Nagar, said, “We all have come here (municipality office) to give petitions to the Commissioner as there has been no water supply in our areas for around three months. We all are forced to buy water from private water tankers, as there is no supply of Palar water. Not everyone can afford it.”

R Ramadas, who took part in the rally representing Bharathipuram Residents Welfare Association, rued, “It has been more than 70 days since Palar water was supplied. Last week, water was supplied for less than half-an-hour. There are thousands of people who are dependent on this water.”

According to sources, 12 petitions, representing 12 different areas, including Bharathipuram, New Colony, Ishwarya Nagar, Patel Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Suriya Avenue and many others were presented.

He added, “We gave the petitions to the assistant engineer (AE), as we were told that Commissioner Mathivanan was not available in the office today.”

Coming under one banner.

V Santhanam said, “As soon as we gave the petition to AE, we saw the Commissioner come in. So, we discussed with him the problem prevailing in our areas. He said he will correct the discrepancies and do the needful.”

An official from the Pallavaram Municipality Office told News Today, “We are trying our level best to supply water to all the areas that fall under our Municipality. Palar water was not supplied to these areas because sewage mixed with the groundwater in these localities due to a problem. We had to flush all the water flowing in that channel and chlorinate it.”

Reacting to the official’s statement, a miffed Santhanam asked, “Sewage mixed with the groundwater one month ago. But, in Shankar Nagar, water was supplied last in April. In New Colony, it has been 80 days since Palar water was supplied.”

M Anandavalli