VIT to make govt school teachers English-savvy

VIT Chancellor speaking at the conference for government school teachers to improve their English language proficiency.

Chennai: A two-day conference for government school teachers to improve their English language proficiency was organised by VIT Univeristy, Vellore.

Chancellor G Viswanathan inaugurated the conference yesterday in the Vellore campus.

“Even around 3,500 years ago, Tamil language had grammar but today English is the most used language in many counties. Every year, 1,000 new words are being added to the English dictionary and the language is growing fast. Many science and technology developments are mostly in English which is also the reason for the language’s growth,”said Viswananthan.

“In China, many people are learning English and they are preferred in the country over others,” he pointed out.

Teachers are doing a service, not business, he said. “They should also teach discipline to the students. Many people’s future and nation’s future lie in teachers’ hands,” added Viswanathan.

The Chancellor also spoke about his humble beginnings when he started his schooling in Tamil medium and how it was difficult for him to speak in English. But through continuous work and his college days helped him because of his determination to learn.

According to a press release, 100 government high and higher secondary school teachers from Vellore district are participating in the conference. The conference will help the teachers develop spoken English, which, in turn, will help them pass it on to the students.

The conference is being conducted by VIT’s Social Science and Language department.

English professors Meenakshi and Gayathri are handling the training. University officials, district chief education officer S Mars and district education officer Angu Lakshmi were present on the occasion.


NT Bureau