Review: ‘Bakrid’ – Animal Kingdom

Bakrid is a Tamil drama film written and directed by Jagadeesan Subu. The film stars Vikranth Santhosh, Vasundhara Kashyap and a camel called Sara in the main lead roles.

Bankrolled by M10 Productions, the music for the film is composed by D Imman. To say in a nutshell, Bakrid is about the bond of a farmer and his camel. It is somewhat similar to what we have seen in Black Beauty but instead of a horse, it’s a camel.

The plot revolves around Ratnam (Vikranth) a farmer who decides to take his camel named Sara to a desert for its well being.

Ratnam and his family are very close to the camel as it grows along with them in their farmland. However, the climate condition doesn’t suit its body and after a warning from a doctor, Ratnam plans to take Sara to Rajasthan.

The obstacles he faces throughout the journey forms the crux of the film. Vikranth delivers a good performance as a naive farmer very emotionally attached to his camel.

The direction and cinematography are good and we get many wide shots that explore green hills, highways, and parched lands.

Aided with a strong musical score and songs, the sequences of wide angles are visually appealing. The shots captured in villages, the green fields, and lush hills are enticing.

The film also shows moments when cow vigilantes in Maharastra threaten Ratnam and his friends on their journey.

The second half shows more tense moments as Ratnam’s journey to leave Sara at a desert nears an end.

Towards the climax, the director’s message is clear; love animals and treat them with respect.

Mohammed Rayaan