Bus stops at Padikuppam lack route numbers, rue commuters

Chennai: It is a good initiative of the government introducing new buses and routes. But, what about basic facilities needed for MTC workers and the public? The question remains unanswered.

“No one is asking for modern and high-priced facilities like those in foreign countries. We only need name boards and shelters at bus stops. We are happy with the new bus routes but we do not know where to wait for the buses,” said Manimegalai, a resident of Padikuppam.

The bus stand at Padikuppam is an irritating spot for daily commutes and a confusing one for those who come for the first time. “There are no name boards mentioning which bus stops here. People have to run behind the bus to board it,” Manimegalai said.

“The bus stop should have route numbers for the convenience of commuters,” said Nagarajan, a resident of Mugappair.

“We can understand the difficulty that the public are facing. We informed the bus drivers to stop at the bus stop to help the waiting passengers. We¬†will take action against bus crew who do not stop at the designated place,” an MTC official said.

S Solomon Raj