Hanging cable wires at Chennai locality pose threat to motorists

Cables hanging on the pavement and median of Ambattur Industrial Estate Road causing hindrance to pedestrians and motorists.

Chennai: Tangled cable wires lying on roads and dangerously hanging from poles, some of them just about four feet off the ground, have become a cause for concern across for people across the neighbourhood.

Most of the motorists and pedestrians find it difficult to make use of road and pavements as a result of this.

There were instances where the overhead cables caught fire due to short-circuit during rainy seasons, say many. Complaints lodged with authorities have fallen on deaf ears, during downpour, the burden of wires causes branches to break and and fall on roads, say a few.

Loganathan, a resident of Anna Nagar West, says, “Dangling overhead cable wires pose a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians and motorists. Last month, a motorist met with an accident at Ambattur Industrial Estate, near Thirumangalam when his vehicle got entangled in an overhead cable wire dangling along the roadside. Somehow, the motorist escaped with minor injuries.”

“The situation is bad on Ambattur Industrial Estate Road from Thirumangalam towards Ambattur and Mugappair,” says Ramamoorthy, a resident of Welcome Colony. “We find it extremely unsafe to drive on this road. Particularly during peak hours and at night due to poor lighting,” he mentioned.

Tamilarasi, a college student says, “Telecom operators and cable operators were supposed to join us for laying trenches but they have not. The government alone can’t implement the project due to budget constraints.”

A traffic policeman, said, “We informed the cable operators to set right the hanging cables on this stretch. They promised to do immediately. At some place, they tied the cable on the pole.”

S Solomon Raj