Trump has no connection in India-Pakistan issue: Owaisi

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi slammed the US president Donald Trump for his reported offer to mediate between India and Pakistan. The Hyderabad MP said on Wednesday that the Indian government should have a clear-cut policy and inform the US President that it does not need his role.

Speaking to reporters, the Hyderabad MP said, “He says I will mediate (between India and Pakistan). Again, the same thing. This is, Begaani Shadi mein Trump Diwana ho rahe hain (an unrelated person getting too much excited in somebody else’s marriage). He has no connection. Why would he mediate?”

Owaisi stated that the US President often says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Pakistan counterpart Imran Khan were his friends and that he has had made the offer of mediating the issue between Pakistan and India three times in a month. “What is happening? Who is running the foreign policy of this country? Why are we so afraid of Trump, that we are not even reacting. The government should take a clear cut policy and it has to be said clearly that we don’t need you,” he charged.

Further quoting Trump’s reported comments that there was a Hindu-Muslim problem in India, Owaisi said the NDA government led by Modi should make it clear to the US that there was no such problem and if they don’t do so, then it means there is such a problem in the country.

Owaisi separately tweeted and questioned the BJP government whether the reports of job cuts announced by a major private company didn’t them. “[email protected]BJP4India seem bothered at all by the massive cuts in employment & the certainty that Indian manufacturing is unlikely to recover from this slowdown? Or will media spin it as a masterstroke? If you can’t create new jobs, at least prevent loss of existing ones, may be,” he tweeted.

NT Bureau