Doc emphasises preventive care for elderly people

Chennai: “Preventive screenings and regular examination are of paramount importance for senior citizens. Once a person hits 50s, preventive care and regular follow-ups should not be ignored. These screenings help determine cholesterol levels, chances of heart problems, and breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men,” suggested Manipal Hospitals Salem general medicine consultant, Dr M Arun Karthik.

He was speaking at an event convened to commemorate ‘World Senior Citizens Day’ and explain the importance of geriatrics.

“Old people have lower immunity and regular doctor visits are a must along with quitting smoking and drinking, maintaining good sleep, having a good social network and most importantly staying positive and happy is crucial,” he added.

On diet, the doctor said, “I would recommend consumption of high-fiber food, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, and lower the consumption of calories. This will not only help the elderly regulate their digestion, but als o contribute to maintaining healthy weight and metabolism. Overweight or obesity is one of the primary reasons for heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes and therefore it is advisable to get rid of excess weight.”

NT Bureau