Residents of Chitlapakkam, Chennai, learn about waste segregation

Chennai: Residents of Chitlapakkam, especially children were taken on a tour to the waste segregation unit in Chitlapakkam during which they were explained about the various process involved.

Chitlapakkam Town Panchayat conservancy workers and Hand in Hand India explained the children on how they collect, receive, segregate and create compost using daily waste and how non degradables are packed and sent to factories or landfills outside.

Sunil Jayaraman, a resident who took part in the tour, said the workers are doing segregation, but, evidently, it is not enough.

“Residents must reduce and segregate at source. More staff and better vehicles and machines for the workers would make work all the more easier. A destination for non degradables should be arranged, so waste need not accumulate inside town and can be sent out daily. We will work with Panchayat and request all associations to press Kanchipuram District Collector P Ponnaiah for better waste management for Chitlapakkam. We will arrange tours for school kids and residents, once a month, to make us all be more aware on our responsibilities,” he said.

He further added, we sincerely salute all conservancy workers. “What they do for us, day in and day out, is beyond humanly possible actions,” he said.

NT Bureau