TN DGP Tripathy denies that police circulated photos of terrorists

Chennai: Tamilnadu Director General of Police (DGP) J K Tripathy has denied that the police had released any photos of terrorists who are believed to have infiltrated into Coimbatore.

The news of six terrorists infiltrating into Coimbatore from Sri Lanka spread like wildfire on TV channels and social media this morning. It was said the terrorists belonged to the Lashkar-e-Tayyabba outfit.

The news items also carried two pictures of the suspected terrorists and said the photos were handed over by the Coimbatore police.

But minutes later, according to one newspaper’s Twitter handle DGP Tripathy denied that the Coimbatore police had circulated photos of the terrorists.

Now, the TV news channels are running the news that the police have released the registration number of vehicles that the terrorists may be using.

Further details are awaited.

NT Bureau