BJP’s popularity growing in Telangana, says K Laxman

Hyderabad: “…BJP membership is not 12 lakh. It was already 18 lakh. Additionally, 12 lakh (enrolled in the latest drive). That means, 30 lakh membership. Our target is six lakh more… Our members are 30 lakh today,” said Telangana BJP president K Laxman yesterday.

Speaking to reporters, he said BJP would form government in Telangana after the next assembly elections in 2023. People were impressed by the Narendra Modi-led government and wanted the same rule in the State also.

Reacting to TRS working president K T Rama Rao’s reported comments questioning BJPs figures of its membership, Laxman said Rao was unable to tolerate the growing popularity of BJP.

He in turn questioned whether Rao had any knowledge about BJP, which is the single-largest political party in the world. The membership would go up further because of the nation-wide enrolment drive, added Laxman.

Meanwhile, Transmission Corporation of Telangana (Transco) CMD D Prabhakar Rao reacting to allegations of Laxman on corruption in power purchases, he asserted that they were open for any inquiry, either by CBI or a sitting judge, into Power Purchase Agreement.

Responding to this, Laxman said officials perform their role and government leaders should speak on the matter. …let Prabhakar Rao ji advise Chief Minister that an inquiry be conducted by a sitting judge, everything would come out in the open.

NT Bureau