Review: The Angry Birds 2 – Nest of fun

The Angry Birds 2 is a computer-animated film directed by Thurop van Orman and John Rice. Sequel to the 2016 movie, the film follows Red, Chuck, and Bomb forced to join hands with Leonard and his clan of pigs when a superior weapon threatens Bird and Piggy Island.

Far better than the first film, AB2 offers more fun, humour and laughter that is bound to please fans of the video game and especially children. The movie is laced with slapstick comedy, pun and, of course, music.

AB2 begins with birds and pigs fighting each other throwing water balls, stones and boulders with their slingshots. But all hell breaks loose when a far dangerous meteor-like frozen water slams hard by the beaches of Piggy Island. This freaks out Leonard (Bill Hader) who immediately flags a truce with Red (Jason Sudeikis) and the birds. Together, the duo band up a team who sketch a plan to take down their common foe.

Packed with voice performances by an ensemble cast, the movie fuels up with hilarity. Josh Gad as Chuck, Leslie Jones as Zeta, Rachel Bloom as Silver, Danny McBride as Bomb and Peter Dinklage as Ethan ‘Mighty’ Eagle effortlessly deliver their job with joy.

You will fall in love with the voices of three young birds who are squishy and adorable like cotton balls. They will make you ‘aww’ in delight. Their quest runs as a parallel plot and in the end it affects the ultimate story arc which yet again makes you drowns in giggles.

What works for AB2 is that it follows a formulaic plot that brims with usual animation entertainment package; music – check, slapstick humour – check, funny dialogues – check, romantic angle – check.

Planning for a lazy weekend movie getaway with your child? Then The Angry Birds 2 won’t disappoint you.

Mohammed Rayaan