11-year-old boy from Chennai excels in different fields

Chennai: The large number of medals and trophies captured our attention as soon as we entered the residence of seven-year-old Sivakumaran. When asked how many were there, the lad quickly replied, ‘126’. This staggering number of awards are for Sivakumaran’s varied talents.

The Thirumalai Nagar resident juggles time between school, sports and arts every day, winning certificates for his proficiency in yoga, karate, Taekwondo, Kung-Fu and silambam. He is also currently training in ‘Tharasu’.

“I want to deliver social messages through my performance and, hence, I blindfold my eyes whenever I am on stage. At the end of the show, I insist people come forward to donate their eyes,” he said.

“Even if a single person decides to donate, that will be my biggest achievement,” he added. The youngster is also proficient in academics.

A topper in all subjects, he noted, “I want to become an IAS officer and serve people. I hope to work towards it,” he said.

Talking about his routine, he said it starts at 5 am every day and ends at 9 pm. “After waking up, I pray, study and then go to school. After returning, I go for my training and then return and study. I don’t find this difficult at all,” he added.
His parents said, “Although we want him to become an IAS officer, it was his decision to learn martial arts.
We will be happy if he does something good for people.”

He can be contacted at 7358358258.

Balasubramani Muniyandi