Trust in Chennai shows how eco-friendly weddings can be achieved

Chennai: Recently, the neighbourhood of Nungambakkam, witnessed three weddings, which followed the ‘zero waste’ concept.

The brain behind this green initiative, is Eco-Konnectors, a trust that works with waste management, under the motto: “Your litter is your responsibility.”

Speaking to News Today, Sumitra Srikanth, one of the co-founders of Eco Konnectors, said, “In the first place, we educated caterers and cleaners, as a large portion of waste that is generated, has to do with food. We instructed the catering unit to keep aside vegetable and fruit peels. The plastic sachets of the groceries were kept apart.The leftovers were removed and then sent to cattle-rearers as fodder. Similarly, coconut shells and husks were separated.”

“The flowers used for decoration were also set aside. All the decomposable waste was sent to the composting units of Greater Chennai Corporation and the non-decomposable waste was sent to private recycling units.”

C R Ashok, an award-winning green enthusiast, who is another co-founder, stated, “It is important that while organising a function, the family should have a team dedicated to ensure proper disposal of waste. It should be the foremost in the minds of those planning the event.”

Geetha Ravishankar and G Ravi Shankar, who conducted the marriage of their daughter by following this principle, noted that they derived the fullest satisfaction of making the event a zero waste one.

Ashok can be contacted on 9003049859.

NT Bureau