Editorial: From bottom to top

At a time when many parties, from national to regional level, are facing charges of promoting dynasty politics, BJP working president J P Nadda on Tuesday asserted that his party is the only one in the country giving primacy to its workers with many of its top leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emerging from amongst them, in contrary to other parties banking upon ‘dynasty’.

Addressing party workers in Ambala, Nadda said there are hundreds of political parties registered with the Election Commission of India, with some of them recognised as State parties and a few as national ones, but none of them, except the BJP, gives primacy to its workers.

“All these outfits are either connected with a dynasty, individual or family. The BJP is the only party with nothing like ‘parivarvad.’ Here we only have ‘karyakartavaad’. For us, the worker is supreme,” he said. To drive home his point, Nadda cited examples of party’s several top leaders, including Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who, he said, were all ordinary party workers once. Nadda also pointed towards many BJP leaders, including Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, State leaders Anil Jain and Subhash Barala and Haryana Minister Anil Vij, present in the function, and said, “None of us come from any political background, we were ordinary workers, we are and we will be so.”

The BJP working president opened his speech, lamenting that the party recently lost its stalwarts like former Union Ministers Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley and said their contributions to nation-building and strengthening the party can never be forgotten. It is to be noted that the wards of Sushma and Jaitley are not in politics. Nadda also assured all party workers that they were in the right party, irrespective of how they joined it. “A worker joins a party in three ways. A worker joins a party by choice after studying ideologies of different parties and deciding for a particular party. Another worker comes by circumstances while yet another comes by accident,” he said. “But, I believe all of you who are here are at the right place and should consider yourself lucky,” said Nadda. All parties should be able to give the above assurance to their workers, rather than promoting heirs of leaders.

NT Bureau