FRAI appeals Government to stop harassment by Health officials

Chennai: Puzhal Vattara Viyabarigal Sangam, Chennai representing the Tamilnadu chapter of Federation of Retailers Association of India (FRAI) appealed to the Government to stop harassment of retailers by health officials in the city and other places across the state. They claimed that these health officials visit small retailers very frequently and tell them that they are not following tobacco control laws.
A press release issued by FRAI stated that the retailers are following the rules and added that the officials, however, subject shopkeepers to harassment by imposing a penalty on the excuse that they violate some tobacco control law. Speaking about the issue, member, Federation of Retailers Association of India and president, Puzhal Vattara Viyabarigal Sangam, C Chelladurai, said, ‘The shopkeepers always suffer out-right and unreasonable rejection of their appeals and these officials do not accept any of their valid arguments.’

NT Bureau