Chitlapakkam Kulakkarai Vinayagar is being worshipped for over 5 decades

Chennai: With a couple of days left for Vinayagar Chathurthi, Arulmigu Kulakkarai Vinayagar Temple at Chitlapakkam is gearing up for the occasion with special poojas and homams. Located at the rear side of the Gangaiamman Temple Tank, the shrine has been there for more than half-a-century.

Speaking about it, temple treasurer R Krishnan says, “This Vinayagar has been there for more than 50 years right from the time when Chitlapakkam used to be a village. Located behind the temple pond of Gangaiamman temple nearby, many years ago, a Vinayagar idol was present here and people used to worship it. However, after a few years, the idol was taken and kept for worship at another place near the Tambaram Sanatorium railway station in Bharata Matha Street. A few years later people living nearby placed an idol made of clay and slowly they started worshipping it that paved the way to construct a temple here.”

According to Krishnan, it was only in 1995, that a mandapam was built here and the clay Vinayagar idol was replaced with the one made of stone and the first kumbhabhishekam was performed. Upon entering the temple, in the main sanctum facing east, Kulakkarai Vinayagar is present with its Utsava Moorthi on its right. The clay Vinayagar deity which was worshipped earlier is also kept on the right wall of the main sanctum. Adjacent to it in a separate sanctum, Vishnu
Durgai is present. On the farther right corner, Navagraha is placed.

“After 1995, slowly the temple was developed with the devotees’ contribution. But till now we couldn’t perform the second kumbhabhishekam. We are hoping that at least by 2020, which marks the completion of the 25 years of the first , we will be able to do the second one,’ says Krishnan.”

“The speciality of the temple is the deity himself. He is said to grant  wishes that devotees seek and we have seen it from them,” he adds.

There is also a 80-year-old Vanni tree outside the temple premises. There is an anthill underneath the tree and there are also Naagar statues kept underneath it for worship.

Speaking about it, “This Vanni tree is very special and rare. The Naagar is facing north and worshipping it will help get rid of Doshas. Worshipping it for 11 weeks continuously by lighting lamps and doing archana will get rid of hurdles in marriage. For Santhanabhagyam, devotees can worship the deity continuously for 16 weeks,” says S Venkatrathnam, the temple priest.

“Special poojas and abhishekams are performed to the deity during every Sankataahra Chathurthi. For Durga, Raahu, Kala Pooja is performed and on all other special occasions like Navarathri, Aadi Velli, poojas are performed to the deity. During Naga Panchami, special pooja takes place to the Naagar. We also do Ko Poojai during the month of Aadi and
Thai and annabhishekam during the month of Aippasi. Apart from that on all occasions like Pongal, Tamil New Year and Dhanur month, special poojas take place,” says Krishnan.

During Vinayagar Chathurthi, at 6 am, Mahaganapathy homam takes place and at 9 am, maha abhishekam will be done. Prasadam will be distributed after that. At 6 pm, the deity will be decorated with santhana kaapu. The Uthsava Moorthi will also be taken out on the day and special poojas will be performed, he says.

The temple president is L Mani and secretary J Sowrirajan. The temple is open from 6.30 am to 10 am and from 5.45 pm to 8 pm. On Fridays, the temple is open till 12 pm. For details contact Krishnan at 94452 94070.

Aaditya Anand M