Residents of Jain Nagar, Chennai, receive contaminated water

Chennai: Just a few days after submitting petitions to the Municipality office, regarding supply of water in the locality, Jain Nagar residents received supply. But much to their dismay, it was a mix of ground water and sewage.

Sundara Raghavan K, a resident of Jain Nagar First Street, said, “It was more than four months since we received Palar water. So we were really happy when we got the supply. But as soon as we opened the tap, it was black coloured foul smelling liquid that flowed out.” He added, “The situation is worse in Jain Nagar First and Second Streets.We have informed the officials concerned, about this a number of times. Yet, this has been going on for a very long period and there has been no response.”

Another resident of the same locality, said, “Now that dirty water has been supplied, we have to flush it all out and clean all the pipelines. It is gross, unhygienic and unhealthy. Due to this, water purifiers and washing machines have been damaged in many homes.”

Speaking on this, V Santhanam, a socially-active resident of the neighbourhood, said, “Pallavaram Municipality should consider this as a very serious warning. It takes a long time for officials to identify the cause and where the fault is. This is the best time to rectify it. Else, the monsoon will begin and it will be absolutely impossible to set it right and more water will be wasted, if the situation continues.”

“Municipality should be more responsible. There is a high possibility for communicable disease to spread and with problems like sewage mixing with ground water, this is a serious concern. We want officials to take action immediately.”

M Anandavalli