A true champion

He was banned for a year from playing cricket for ball tampering scandal. He came back with vigour. He let his bat answer all his critics. Steve smith is number one batsman in ICC list. 589 runs in the ongoing Ashes series in just four innings at a stunning average of 147.25 including two hundreds and a double hundred.

No doubt he is the world’s best Test batsman today. He has scored over 30 per cent of Australia’s total runs (scored by batsmen) in the series – that is how prolific he has been with the bat. This is the third-highest percentage of runs (for his own team) for any batsman in an Ashes series.

Ask Smith, he says, “I think and visualise before I play where people are likely to bowl to me and where I am likely to score and try to picture fields that are set and play things over in my mind, where I am going to get runs and how they are looking to get me out.” Indian batting legend was all praise for Smith. He said, “Complicated technique but an organised mindset is what sets Steve Smith apart. Incredible comeback.”

There is plenty to learn from Smith. Determination, dedication and guts can take you to greater heights. His hard work and perseverance should be emulated by every sportsman. From condemnation a few months ago, he has turn the arc lights on him with a series of stupendous show. Hail Smith!

NT Bureau