100 days of Modi 2.0: Big changes from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Chennai: From national safety to women’s security to equality to development, big decisions were taken in the past 100 days, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power for the second consecutive term with a thumping majority.

Ably assisted by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other Cabinet colleagues, Modi ensured important laws were passed in recent months, including the ones to deal with terrorism and for protection of rights of Muslim women.

In Modi’s own words, these 100 days have been of development, trust and big changes in the country. These 100 days have also been of decisiveness, dedication, good intention.

A roadmap has been prepared to help different sectors with an intention to strengthen economy and ‘historic decisions’ were taken for strengthening the banking sector.

“We know how to take challenges head-on. Be it the matter of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh or serious water crisis, 130 countrymen have started looking for new solutions,” said the Prime Minister Sunday.

“We are into fulfilling the dreams and expectations of people of J-K and Ladakh with a new thinking. Because of your inspiration, such promises which were made during polls, have now been honoured,” he said in an apparent reference to the abrogation of Article 370.

“Whatever big decisions were taken in past 100 days, the inspiration behind them were only 130 crore Indians,” he said, adding, “because of your unprecedented support, the government could take major decisions from farm sector to national safety and security.”

Referring to Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said the country and the world have witnessed in past 100 days that “India is challenging every challenge,” whether it is decades old or is of future.

He said that 130 crore Indians were the inspiration behind the government’s major decisions in various fields from farm sector to national security and took a swipe at the opposition parties, saying they are still ‘numb’ from their Lok Sabha polls debacle.

Last, but not the least, he said this is only the beginning and the benefits will be felt in the coming time. The country is waiting.

NT Bureau