Overflowing garbage bin a cause for concern at Eri Scheme

A view of garbage spread on First Main Road, Eri Scheme, Mugappair West.

Chennai: One can come across garbage dumps on streets, be it bins overflowing or waste dumped in the vicinity. But, when this reporter spotted an overflowing dustbin at First Main Road, Eri Scheme, Mugappair West, spreading out all along the road, the scene was unbearable.

“Waste is overflowing along the residential space and people cover their noses while walking past the canthat has left them in dismay,” says, Jayakumar, a resident.

Kanagaraj, another resident, says, “The road gives an awful feeling with the dustbin overflowing and people in the neighbourhood don’t seem to have a solution for it.”

He mentions that waste is spreading out all over the road and is a concern among residents. Apart from problems of disposal, the health risk involved is also plenty, he notes.

Madhan, a college student, says, “Since the bin is overflowing, flies and other creatures make it even more vulnerable for an epidemic outbreak which is always a potential threat for the residents.”

“The situation becomes all the more worse in rainy days as disease carrying agents increase,” he added. Narayani, a maid who works in the households in the area, says, “Just keeping a dustbin to throw garbage is not enough until it is cleaned on time. Apart from emitting stink throughout the day, the bin offers a feast to animals.”

Anand, an elderly resident, says, “The road is covered by trees on both sides but people living near the dump yard have to keep their doors and windows closed to avoid the foul smell and the disgusting sight. The street provides a pleasant atmosphere but the dust bin is the biggest turn off attracting insects. It has taken the serenity out from the green cover.”
With the trash can causing distress among all, chances of relief are there once the refuse is out of sight.

S Solomon Raj