Traffic signal needed near Mugappair East bus stand

Motorists and pedestrians moving at Church Road and Thiruvalluvar Road junction want traffic signal.

Chennai: Establishing traffic signal at the intersection of Church Road and Thiruvalluvar Road near Mugappair East bus stand is essential to make matters easy for motorists and pedestrians, people feel.

Most of the times vehicles pass through the intersection without bothering those coming from the opposite side, says, a motorist, Mohanraj.

It is as if no one is bothered to look for who is approaching from the other side. However, he is at relief when he says that vehicles move in orderly manner whenever a policeman stands to monitor the movement. As long as the police constable controls the traffic, there is an orderly movement and motorists and pedestrians are at ease. Unfortunately, the situation becomes chaotic when policeman is not present, says another Padi resident Xavier Rajan.

The moment the Constable leaves the place, motorists and pedestrians start struggling here again. Sometimes the situation gets worse as pedestrians cross the road here at their will without bothering the vehicles approaching them. What makes things even more pathetic is that vehicles sometimes do not bother to stop for the walkers.

A traffic signal at the earliest is the best solution to solve all the problems at the junction. “We wonder whether we would be able to cross the road here without getting hit and a signal will bring down the probability of mishaps,” Ravi of Mugappair says.

A resident of JJ Nagar, Sri Lakshmi also feels the need for a signal. “I cross the road at the intersection along with my kids to board a bus the other side to take them to their school. Crossing the road here during the morning and evening peak hours is not at all easy. When you have to take kids along with you the task becomes all more difficult.”

A police officer mentions that people have to obey rules to bring down casualties. The responsibility of establishing orderliness lies with citizens as much as with the authorities, he adds.

S Solomon Raj