VITEEE to have aptitude test from 2020

Chennai: Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) will have an aptitude section in its computer based test ‘VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE)’ starting with the 2020-21 batch.

The decision to include aptitude section in VITEEE 2020 has been made based on the feedback from industries and academia.

The entrance examinations for the top universities across the world also test the aptitude of students, in addition to verbal and analytical ability, a press release said.

The aptitude section in VITEEE will be in addition to subjects viz. Maths or Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English.

The number of questions for the respective sections in VITEEE will be Maths or Biology (40 questions), Physics (35 questions), Chemistry (35 questions), aptitude (10 questions) and English (5 questions).

The duration of the test will be two and a half hours and there will be no negative marking.

The sample question paper for VITEEE 2020 will be available on the VIT’s website soon.

NT Bureau