Review: ‘Love Action Drama’ – Romance & Comedy

Chennai: “Tell me one thing you like about him”, this is is a question put forward by actor Srinivasan to his daughter Shoba (played by Nayanthara). After a few seconds she says “He would take care of me.” Srinivasan is asking about Dinesh(Nivin Pauly), a rich, yet immature suitor for Shoba. This romantic comedy, has taken inspiration from the 1989 hit film Vadakkunokkiyanthram which had actor Srinivasan playing lead as an insecure husband.

The movie was about Dinesh, who has inferiority complex of being short and dark, he begin suspects his beautiful wife, Shoba. Love Action Drama directed by Srinivasan’s son Dhyan Srinivasan is modern day version of Vadakkunokkiyanthram. Dhyan’s brother Vineeth Srinivasan played a part in the film and has also crooned a song.

The movie opens with Dinesh stabbing a photograph of Shoba, he then goes on to down some alcohol. Shoba, a career-oriented, confident and attractive woman meet Dinesh when she comes to Kerala for her friend Swathy’s wedding from Chennai. Dinesh, who had a crush on Swathy, who is his cousin, is heart-broken, so this time he is drinking in the middle of backwaters. Swathy describes Dinesh as a psycho to her friends.

Unlike Srinivasan in Vadakkunokkiyanthram, Dinesh knows how to make a woman fall for him. He is confident about his looks, though he knows he lacks personality and is unambitious. Eventually, Dinesh manages to woo Shoba, but she has conditions, he has to give up drinking and smoking. When his close friend and cousin Sagar (Aju Varghese) asks what Shoba saw in him he says, “Because I am rich.”

The second half is about Dinesh suspecting Shoba of infidelity and if she is a gold digger. The movie has dialogues both in Malayalam and Tamil. It also has some great comedy and several movie references. Both lead actors play their part well.

However, a let down being despite Dinesh’s character being fleshed out well and in detail, Shoba remains sketchy. We know little about her, that we needed some more convincing as to why she agrees to marry the giggly and immature Dinesh. The movie to an extent works with the comedy, but what is missing is, just like SI Rajendar (Motta Rajendran) asks loudly in a scene, “Where is love.”

The movie has some great shots of Chennai by Jomon T John and Roby Varghese Raj. The songs specially Kudukku( already a hit), composed by Shaan Rahman, are catchy.


Naomi N