YLG launches ‘Indian Brown 2.0’

Chennai: YLG Salons is back with its magnificent ‘Indian Browns’ set of looks for the season on the occasion of 10-year milestone in their journey. The previous year’s trend of the ‘Indian Browns’ gained immense popularity and was experimented and loved by various customers across regions.

YLG takes immense pride in further expanding the ‘Indian Browns’ look and giving its customers an exquisite makeover with a new hairstyle that also enhances their natural skin colour. ‘Indian Browns 2.0’ is a celebratory trend which is launched by YLG to commemorate a decade in the beauty and fashion world.

While launching ‘Indian Browns 2.0’, co-founder of YLG Vaijayanti Bhalchandra said, “We are delighted to bring ‘Indian Browns 2.0’, with a splendid collection of looks that are the ongoing trend of the day. There are six gorgeous hairstyles that we offer in our ‘Indian Browns 2.0’ collection. Curated by international stylists, along with our vision, these six looks are the ultimate choice of the present-day women in the country. We have introduced this collection for our customers to keep up with their beauty standards with any look that they opt for from our exclusive range.”


NT Bureau